Update From Amy Swasey

Hola mis amigos!

It was raining off and on today and as you know, us Seattleites acclimate just fine to rain.

Though, we don’t have steep muddy hills to traverse at home, we all managed to keep upright as we went to Moises and Rosa’s Chile Jalapeno field. The plantitas (little plants a big bigger than a seedling) were transplanted 47 days ago and are now ready for harvest. The peppers were beautiful, crisp and had a great punch of heat.

The are 2 groups of 4 families working with the peppers. These peppers are sold directly to WalMart from our family here in San Jose.

After this trek we had lunch with Neri  (pronounced Nedie) and his wife and their 3 kids.

Neri was so nervous to have us at his home that he responded that he had 4 kids when we first asked. His wife seemed surprised, and it became really funny as he introduced each of them and was one kiddo short! They have been in San Jose since the beginning or as Neri said, they were pioneers! They travel to La Dalia or El Tuma to get needs for the family most weekends and spend time doing so as a family. We enjoyed the chickens and chicks that were underfoot as we ate and showed pictures from several team members phones. Then we discussed the differences between the cost of coffee here and at home.  Because they have shown us all the hard work that goes into those pounds of coffee, we assured them we are happy to pay the costs we do!

After lunch was time for us to do a cultural exchange back at the community center. Neil gave a great presentation on Boeing’s airplane manufacturing as a major industry in our state.

Then kids and adults alike colored pictures on construction paper and we made some great paper airplanes and had a distance contest. Norlan, about 9 years old, won by several feet. Bragging rights for days!

After the contest and many more flights, everyone gathered to ask questions about airplanes and to thank Neil for his educational lesson. Then we got into a wonderful question and answer session where we discussed education, religion and jobs. It was so amazing to have this great organic discussion with a big group from the community.

When there were no more questions, we ended with many expressing mutual love and admiration and a prayer. It was the perfect end to the day.

Love, Amy.


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