Update from Olivia Beatty

The last day in the village, in my limited experience, is the best and, just as much, the hardest. Bill gave a great devotion in the village this morning based on Mark 12: 28-29.

We walked up to Juan’s field to “help”. They had us fill up small plastic bags with dirt that they will later put plantitos (coffee seedlings) in.

Afterwards, we walked back down the mountain to serve lunch to the village.

We bought 300 Washington apples to serve with their lunches so they could have a little taste of where we are from. Most seemed to like it. After lunch, we sang songs and prayed together. A guy in the village read us a poem that he had written about us, which made a few of us cry. They presented each of us with a gift, a cloth walling hanging, each one different; they are beautiful and unique, and will be treasured.

Saying goodbye was even harder this year, compared to last year. I see so many faces that I know and have connections with so many people. Saying goodbye is never easy and when you have a language barrier you can’t express all the things you want to. I can’t tell them how proud of them I am, how I will think about them, or how I will be praying for them. I can’t tell them how much I will miss them, how much hope I have for them, or how excited I will be to see them hold their land deed in their hands one day. So, I just cry and say “Adios, mis amigos!” Good bye my friends!


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