Update from Mike Beatty

It was a great day for easing into this great country on this great trip. Our flight got in around 12:30 am and we were all excited to hit our pillows around 1:30. We got up at the hotel and had breakfast at 8.

Shortly after, we headed off to the Selva Negra coffee plantation. It was a 3 hour trip and when we arrived we sat down to have lunch where all the vegetables and meat are grown right there on the grounds in a sustainable manner. After lunch we split up and headed off on some hiking trails. We regrouped at 2 pm and went on a tour of the coffee plantation. It was awesome to see how they perform the whole process from picking the coffee to roasting it. They are practicing sustainable farming for their shade grown organic coffee. They hold numerous certifications for the practices including ones from the USDA and Rainforest Alliance. On our tour we picked a lemon that was slightly larger than a softball and cut it up for all of us to try. It was relatively mild and we all enjoyed it.

After the tour we headed to our new hotel in Matagalpa where we were surprised to see the Packer Cowboy game was on in the 4th quarter. We got to watch Bill sweat bullets as the Cowboys surged back and then do a victory lap around the dinner table as the Packers literally made a last second field goal for the win. Again, great day for getting acclimated to the country and we are all excited to get up to the village tomorrow.


  • monica hay

    How is Li?

    • Cathryn Klein

      Monica, she is doing much better today. Definitely on the upswing.

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