Update from Scott Taylor

Today, we traveled to the village of San Jose. We were greeted as we typically are upon our first arrival, with songs and smiles. The children made sure each of us Gringos received a gift – a hand with the word “welcome” or “bienvenidos” written on and placed on a stick. Some of the children even gave us hugs. It was so refreshing to see some of the same faces again.

We spent the morning worshiping God with songs and scriptures, and spent quality time in community with our brothers and sisters. After our introductions, we spent more time in fellowship with one another and also played with the children. We were able to briefly tour the medical clinic on site, and spend some time with Rosa, talking about the school.

We had lunch with the Garcia family. We learned that Juan (the husband) works in the coffee field, and also with paprika. His wife runs a local store, which is built as a part of their home. We visited several other homes this afternoon and it was an honor.

As we wrapped up for the day, we said our goodbyes and loaded into the van to head back to our hotel. Most of us were pretty worn out by the end of the day, and it was hard to keep our eyes open. Oh, and by the way, it was over 70 degrees today. So, I’m ironically blaming the sun for my lack of energy!

Today was a great day. I thank God for the people of San Jose. They kept mentioning today how honored they were to have us in their homes, but I want to spend the rest of the week showing them how much of a blessing it is to me to be in their homes and surrounded with their love.


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