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Our last full day in Nicaragua came with so many thoughts and emotions. Relationships have been strengthened and bonds formed. Today has been a time of reflection and decompression. We got up and gathered for our last breakfast and our daily morning devotion in Matagalpa.

Interesting how the conversation has changed over the week. From a tone of how do we help to how do we remain or abide in God after we leave. Erin shared the passage John 15:1-11; Verse 4 particularly stood out to me, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” We talked a lot about being pruned by the vine and the cutting away of branches that do not bear fruit and in doing this we are able to abide in Christ and be consumed by His ever-loving arms and His good works will be shown in our lives.

After breakfast we packed up the bus and headed to Selva Negra which is a beautiful old coffee plantation outside of Matagalpa. All but three of the group decided to hike up to the top of the “hill” which apparently is something like 5000 feet elevation. YIKES!!

I did not go on the hike. No; I stayed behind with Bill and Jody. We all dispersed for some quiet time on our own. I followed the hikers part way and stopped at the amazing old church on the grounds. I was awed by the beauty and serenity. God was instantly evident in the grounds, the building, the pews, the stained glass windows…everything.

The interior still had evergreen boughs hung on the rafters and windows. The pews wooden and calling out for parishioners and apparently today, that was me.

After taking a few pictures I settled into a pew a few rows from the front, sat down, opened my devotional book and opened my heart for mediation with God. He was deeply present and speaking in His ever present still small voice. He spoke softly, yet with a fatherly authority. Reminded me that He is present and never leaves and it is I who leaves and forgets to lean on Him when I am weak. He is an incredible God and he shows His love in so many ways. My mind wandered to the people of San Jose, the faces, the tight hugs and unconditional love. Did I mention the hugs? I can still feel the embrace from each of them. The smiles and tears and the longing till we are to see each other again. Even now…it is as though I am still with them.

My heart is forever connected to the people of San Jose, the Agros staff, our translator Marcos and our driver Oscar. Marcos was truly a blessing from God and bridged that language gap to break down the barriers.

Marcos, Our Interpreter

His kind heart and love for being able to connect us to those we love was unwavering. Oscar was and has been our driver on multiple trips. He is much more than just a driver though. It is almost as though he is our guardian, our protector and watcher.

Oscar, Our Bus Driver

He didn’t know it was us he was driving this week and when he saw us at the hotel, he said he was so excited and glad it was us. He may be small in stature but he is huge in heart!

As my thoughts ran through the past week I felt a sense of calm and reassurance that this is exactly where I was meant to be, where we all are meant to be; those who come on the trip as well as those who support and pray for us from home. I heard the stories before I came and even after I was called to make this journey, I still didn’t fully understand what it was all about. I can share a million words but none of them will ever compare to the depth of love and relationships that have been built with the people of the village and in Nicaragua. If your heart is tugged even a little please come talk to us, we would love to share our stories with you.

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  • Marg

    Thank you all for the blogs and thank you Hal for the pictures. They gave me a sense of I knew where and what you were doing. Seeing them just gave a feeling of being in a partnership with the team.
    I am praying for safe travels and a good “part night” sleep. See you all tomorrow.

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