Update from Olivia Beatty

Today was our third day in the village. We started out by being welcomed in the community center with songs and music. Petronilla led the devotion this morning and talked about how he liked seeing us and appreciated how we interacted with the people in the aldea ( village ) and especially the children. We then had a choice to walk or to ride in the truck up to Norlins field. Some of us were very thankful for the ride and others like myself decided to walk again. They showed us many plants with jalapenos (HOT!!) almost ready to harvest.  They are using some new techniques for growing more prolific crops that bring in much more money.

Then back to the aldea to have lunch at Marvin’s and Lydia’s house, which was wonderful! A local women is making our lunches and we are all really enjoying them. We brought a special treat to share with Marvin’s family (apples and grapes) that we purchased in Matagalpa. Marvin had never tasted an apple before and he and his whole family really enjoyed that experience. Then we went to the community center to share more treats (popcorn and cupcakes) with the whole village while they watched “Finding Nemo”. Erin and I had an extensive conversation with Terrencio that was pretty funny and also very nice. The people of the village are so beautiful, especially the children. We are going back into Matagalpa for dinner tonight at a place that serves traditional Nicaraguan food. Excited!

Much Love,

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