Update From Scott Taylor

I tend to not become overly excited about a lot of things.

We arrived in Matagalpa last night and as we drove up the steep hill to our hotel I was blown away. It is absolutely gorgeous. Architecture is one of the things I do become excited about. The landscaping and view of the town below are breathtaking. As several of us were walking around the hotel, we picked a few fruits to try, and let me tell you, they were sour. I don’t care what Cathryn says about them, they were sour. Continuing on, I couldn’t help thinking that this place was how I envision the Garden of Eden. I was excited to walk, talk and laugh with friends and just enjoy the beauty and presence of God. What a beautiful beginning to what I expect to be an amazing trip.

We drove to the village of San Jose this morning. It was nothing of what I expected it to be. I don’t know why, but I envisioned the village to be a desert with gravel roads and folks’ houses adjacent to one another. I’m guessing this because it’s the poverty I am accustomed to seeing. San Jose is full of greenery, it’s hilly and many homes are fairly close in proximity. But, I still found it beautiful. We were welcomed with songs and scripture readings, and I was doing everything I could do not to cry my eyes out at the excitement and love the people were showing to us. And, the love and respect they have for Jesus is humbling. I want to be like that. I’m so rich when it comes to material possessions, but I am so poor in the things that really matter in life. I’m guessing this is why I felt like crying so badly when being greeted by the people. I deeply desire their love and passion for each other and for Jesus.

I know this trip will not disappoint and I know Jesus is present. He always is. I just become so engulfed in my own issues to notice it. I need to be more like Him and more like the people of San Jose.

I’m excited to be here.

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